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The core beliefs of harmonyrugs carpet cleaning department

Our experienced Rug cleaning and Rug repair staff know the core values of our company, and that is to put on a smile from the satisfaction of our quality services. We have been in business for years in Toronto and we are rapidly growing. Rug cleaning is a skill that must be mastered only with years of experience. Rug cleaning is what we love and your delicate rugs are what we care about.

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In this initial step, after we have picked up and dropped off your rug in our cleaning department, we take some immediate actions which include taking some initial photos and analyzing all parts of your rugs to see if it needs any types of repair before cleaning it, for example, your rug might need to receive a mild colour re-dying phase before it gets sent for the actual rug cleaning. Rug cleaning is a multi-step skill that can only be mastered with years of experience.


Dusting stage

In this dusting phase, we take our client's delicate rugs and we put the rug inside our dusting machine for a deep tissue dusting phase. It's important to note that our dusting machines have been made with the latest technologies and their modern techs let them do their job while keeping your rugs safe from getting damaged.


Cleaning stage

In this important cleaning phase, we first put the rug in water and natural cleaning solutions and special tissue soap. The next step is to put your rugs into our modern deep tissue cleaning machine for a deep tissue cleaning process. After your rug has been cleaned we will rinse it then we will then extract all the water with our "carpet spinning machine", then we will send the rug to our special drying room.


Drying stage

In this final stage, we first let our special drying room extract all the moisture of your rug in a natural manner. After your rug has been completely dried, it will be delivered on time to our clients, making sure the whole process brings them a unique satisfaction. We have been in business for over 20 years, serving the GTA Toronto area, its what we love.

Years Of Carpet Cleaning Experience

About Thornhill

A message for our fans and customers in Thornhill :

Due to the fact that Rug cleaning is a very highly skilled expertise , Our professional experienced staff are ready to serve our Thorn hill customers on the highest quality level with our years of experience in this rug cleaning and repair industry. We have been in the rug cleaning industry for years and its roots run in the family owned business and experienced generations. We are skilled at area rug cleaning, oriental rug cleaning and handmade and silk and persian rug cleaning and repair.So to all of our Thorn hill customers, dont risk on the health dangers of a dirty rug in the house causing breathing problems and allergies, schedule a rug cleaning pick up today for your Thorn hill location.Our professional rug pickup and delivery staff will do all the work needed. If you really want to prevent allergies or to bring a new fresh rug feeling into your home,its time to schedule for our Thorn hill rug cleaning location. We pickup your rugs in all areas Thorn hill and deliver it back to your home in your Thorn hill location and help you set it up .We are the most efficient rug cleaners in Thorn hill and our experience and reviews are there to prove it ,your delicate rugs will be in professional hands ,we love our Thorn hill clients, that's why we offer them major discounts when they subscribe to our newsletter by email to receive our WEEKLY discounts and coupon offers, dedicated for our lovely Thorn hill clients.

Our precise Carpet cleaning Pickup and Delivery staff

Our precise staff will always be at your location on the exact schedule to pickup your delicate rugs and return them after the cleaning process for your true satisfaction!

Why Choose our Team

We have over 20 years of experience and we have seen rugs and carpets in almost every condition .Our clients smiles are the results of our previous works.

Our Rug Pickup and Delivery

With our professional team, we arrive on time and on schedule in a very easy and organized way. Its time to meet our friendly staff!

Why Choose our Team

We have over 20 years of experience and we have seen rugs and carpets in almost every condition .Our clients smiles are the results of our previous works.

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