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The Beauty Of Persian Rugs:

Persian Rugs are one of the most beautiful luxury materials that any house or office place can benefit from, these rugs are will become the spotlight of any house that they enter. Persian rugs have a history that goes back to royal empires and centuries back into history and they have always been a symbol of luxury and an amazing art masterpiece, here are a few notes about rug decorations and their relationships with your furniture.

Persian rugs and decoration


Rugs have very unique and beautiful designs, if among our selections you choose a Persian rug, you have made one of the best possible decisions. Persian rugs come in a variety of designs and colours. From a colour point of view, we can separate these rugs into 2 groups:
The first group category are the ones that usually have a beautiful design with the minimum number of colours used, some time with just 2 or 3 colours! These type of Persian rugs will fit and balance with furniture that have more than 1 colour in them so that the simplicity of the rug balance out the colours of your furniture and the overall colours of your house feels balanced.

The second type of rugs are those that have multiple beautiful colours used and crafted by the artist.
These types of rugs go best with furniture that have a single colour, like a brown leather couch.
The reason is this way, your house won’t look boring from a colour point of view and the colours will get balanced out by this type of design.

Persian rugs and decoration


Curtains are used in almost every house, they truly add to the value of your house especially if they’re a luxury one, but no matter what type of curtain you have, any design and colour of Persian rugs can be used to fit alongside your curtains, the only important note is to make sure the tone of your rug and curtain are the same. If you have a dark curtain, you might want to use rugs like black and gold and if your curtains are bright you might want to use rugs with colours like rose-red or white and gold with flower designs.
The varieties are endless, you just have to see what feels better for your soul.

Persian rugs and decoration


When choosing a rug for your dining table, the only note that you should pay attention to is the sizing and that depends on how you would like it.
When you want to choose a rug, you can pick the size in a way that when you pull out the chairs, the chairs could still be on the carpet or you can choose the size in a way that they stand on the floor.
No matter what size you choose, trust us, the luxurious looks that a Persian rug can give to the area of a table are astonishing and eye-catching.

Persian rugs and decoration
Cozy dining room with table vector illustration. Served table with blue cloth and hanging lamp above it. Home concept

Bedrooms :

The same thing notes on the kitchen can apply here. The size of your rug is the main thing that you have to pay attention to, some like the size to be in a way that the rug only covers the size of the bed, some like it to be a bit larger so that when they wake up they can stand on it. From a colour point of view, you should pay attention to the fact that the bedroom is the place that you want to sleep in, so we suggest choosing rugs that have colours that help you chillax, for example, red colours are not used as much as they are used in living rooms.

Persian rugs and decoration
Interior of girls bedroom illustration

Kitchen :

Persian rugs are a great fit with their variety of shapes for kitchens, they fit into your kitchen no matter what the colours of your stove and fridge are. They just make standing in your kitchen way more pleasant, rugs are the number 1 friends of any kitchen. Rugs always make you feel better while cooking and having fun in the kitchen, especially if they’re handmade Persian rugs out of silk!

Persian rugs and decoration
3D render of a Kitchen Interior

Light :

When choosing the proper lighting for rooms with rugs in them, make sure that you adjust the tone of the colour of your light with the room so that your rugs true colours can be seen as they are, not a mixed colour with your lighting design, although rugs are very flexible with decoration and lighting, this tip is just an opinion when using rugs and Persian rugs.

Persian rugs and decoration
Crystals hang from the chandelier decorated with greenery

Toronto and its Persian rug lovers

Toronto is a multicultural city with great people, but they are just realizing how much these luxury small to large rugs can help their office or homes look luxurious, especially when they are made out of silk, the soft and light texture gives the owners and guest a unique feeling. We have a wide variety of rugs so that everyone can choose the perfect fit for their place. So from now on, you have a bit more info about rugs and Persian rugs and how to choose them for different parts. Check out our upcoming blogs for more complete and detailed decoration tips, that’s it for now. 🙂

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