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Rug Repairs

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Rug repairing is one of the hardest skills that an artisan could have. Rug repairing can only be mastered after repairing rugs for years and years. This is a very important factor when you’re choosing where to repair your delicate rugs to look new once again. So if you want to truly heal a rug, let our professional rug surgeons heal it ! 
We will go over a few of these skills in this blog:

Rug Leathering

Rug Re-waving

Rug Re-Fringing

Rug Binding

Rug Protection

Rug blocking

Rug restoration

Rug backing

hand knottings

Colour Restorations

 Rug Leathering


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Rug restoration

After a stain on your rug goes through our spot removal process, we can see if the stain has done damage to the color of the rug or not, although this happens in rare situations due to really harmful and bad stain types, but its something to mention here.
For us to recover the color of your rugs, we take your delicate and precious rug through our professional rug color recovering process which is our rug re-dyeing process. rug re-dyeing requires very skilled staff working on your rug or you can actually damage your rug if you give this job to beginners or low experience and unqualified places.
Re-dyeing is a process in which we manually re-paint each knot with the proper dye color and materials. in order to restore its color back into its original look

It is very important to note that after our rug re-dying process you can immediately walk on to it after delivery. We use non-toxic and original quality materials to truly satisfy our clients.
Re-dyeing is also done for sun fades that happen to rugs.
The tissues of rugs or carpets that have faded from any type of chemical exposures or even sunlight,
will be restored back into its original colors after our professional rug re-dyeing services and repairs are done on our client’s delicate rugs.
We are the top leader in this industry and it’s all because of our experience and customer satisfaction that we have had until now. we love what we do and we love it, even more, when we give our clients delicate rugs to them after our services and repairs and put their rugs back in the condition like the day that they bought it.
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Rug reweaving

What Is Rug Re-Weaving? Rug re-weaving is the process in which we heal torn and damaged tissue like rug burns and moth damage and tears and cuts.

Persian rugs and handmade silk rugs are known for their lightweight but strong tissue strength and their high ability to be repaired back into its original look if repaired by
Hand Rug reweaving is one of those repairs that require high skills and even more EXPERIENCED staff to heal the damaged tissue.

  What is the process of rug re-weaving?

1) In this procedure, first, we cut out the damaged part and take that part out of the rug.

2) Next, we set up and replace a new foundation layer in the missing spot( a foundation is a layer that is used initially when a new rug is planned to be built,so this process of replacing the foundation with the old one is nothing to worry about with quality materials and experts doing professional SURGERY on your rug!).
We have to set up the foundations from beneath the rug.

3) After we set up a foundation layer, we start knotting and the missing spot is fully rewoven from the ground up.
You will be shocked how much your rug will look like the day you bought it after undergoing this re-weaving procedure by our experienced rug experts.

4) In the end, by using quality materials and hooks, we rebind all the knots together and create a brand new section of the rug and we even up the section with the rugs surface and then by using unique tools we organize the parts together so that you can’t even tell on which part of the rug a repair has been done.

Rug Re-fringing

When rugs are woven for the first time before going out for sale, the most sensitive parts that the artisans work on are the fringes of the rugs.

As years go by after you bring your rug home, the fringes might attain some damage and loose its bright and beautiful shape on the edges and fringes, don’t worry because this is normal and can be fully replaced by new edge fringes, our rug artisans replace the fringes of your rug by a full hand made procedure to heal our clients delicate rugs back into the original look.

Rug protection

Rug and carpets are the missing puzzle piece for every corner of the house, from stairs to the living room to the kitchen and the bedroom, the reason is inevitable, it’s because of luxurious rugs and carpets :
Add value to other pieces and furniture of your rug, in a harmonized fashion
The delicate and precious rugs themselves add a feeling and sense of luxury and high energy to anyone entering your house
The textures of these delicate rugs give a sense of art to your soul every day especially if you’re in one frequency with the luxury art spirit

Rugs add a unique kind of relaxing environment of your place so much that you can feel the comfort and harmony of it in your house
After deciding to buy a new luxury rug or even taking professional care of the rugs you already have, you must take action in order to prevent any possible damages to your rugs to protect the investment you made in acquiring your rug, This is why we suggest scotch guarding.
scotch guarding is the process of a series of actions by our professional materials and liquid solutions .to make your rugs absorption.

The benefit of decreasing the absorption rate of your rugs, are many, here are some of them :
Protected against everyday dust dirt and spills by the decreased absorbency rate of your delicate rugs and carpets
Stains from spills and such cannot deeply penetrate or stick to your rug
Since stains can’t stick to your rug, cleaning and removing spills is quick easy
Oil-based spills and soils, as well as making cleanups and vacuuming easier
Scotch guarding materials that we use are pet and children friendly and you can’t tell the difference
This astonishing service will make you worry less by making your rugs almost stain proof and maintain an easy process for your rugs vacuuming and cleaning maintenances, in a beautiful way.

Rug leathering

Rug Leathering is one of those optional luxury requests that a lot of our clients have for their delicate rugs and carpets and many others, like stair runners or hallway runners.

There are also other reasons of leathering the 4 sides of the rugs completely(the leathers are places on the backside of the rug), besides adding beauty to the edges and trim, it will prevent slips of the rugs and help the edges of the rug to not acquire curls and loss of shape (backlink to blocking) over time because of the leathers flat weight on the sides.

Here is the process of rug Leathering:

If your rug has a curl or loss of tissue structure and shape, we have to flat the edges by special tools or take it through a rug blocking process
Then we have to steam press the edges
Then our artisans start the leathering process, depending on the size of the rug, we trim and cut the leather sizes anywhere from 2cm to 5cm for the rug
Then by using special tools, we bind the leathers and Tadaaa! A beautiful rug is ready to be delivered to a house that knows the values of precious rugs

Rug blocking

Over time, rugs pick up damage and wrinkle and curl and lose their flat structure and shape and become crooked and shrink and gain uneven sides,
this is the moment when your rug is yelling out for help ! ! ! !

The Process

After having a closer look and examining your rug in detail from every aspect, we can then decide on the best rug blocking procedure and act accordingly to get an insane result and heal the structure and shape of the rug
We take the rug through a special stretching process and we make it even. then its time for our very special liquid solutions
In this stage, we carefully spread the solution and leave it for 48 hours and then we remove the solution through a special process
In the final stage, we take it through a special steaming process and make it flat and regain the shape and original structure of your delicate and precious rug.

Rug binding

If you ever take a look at the edges of a rug you will see that a handwoven structure is protecting the rug and its design structure, on the sides.
The sides of your rug might acquire damage over time due to dog bite or normal tears that might happen, for this kind of situation we have special materials and a special hand healing procedure that will restore the tissue and the damaged parts of your rug.

Rug backing

Whether you have a new rug or old rug, its a good idea to install high-quality backings to assure your rugs tissue protection.
If something really bad happens to the rug, We put a backing on the rug to protect it from more damage and sow on more plies to complete the damaged area

Double backing for extra rug protection

The way that we add a carpet backing to our client’s delicate and precious rugs is that of a 2 layered system.
On the first layer, the primary backing is a strong tissue textured material that is designed to support and strengthen the overall strength of your rugs tissue, the second layer, however, is designed to act as a barrier against external factors that damage a rug like mold, dirt and other factors.

Why do rug owners add rug backing to their rugs with us?

Adding rug backings to your rug is one of those fields that we have to get technical about and use our experience to add a backing to the rug,
but first, you will have to know why a RUG BACKING is needed after all.
well, the answer lies in the fact that it protects your rug in a way that you can really assure its tissue safety from the backside.
Every day, the rug gets stepped on and might go through some normal daily tears and roughness.
Although the tissues of handmade silk rugs have high endurance, it’s always better to keep it protected.
Many rugs just don’t have the type of backing that is designed to last long or to protect a rug as it should.
SO if you want to protect your rug from daily use, mold and water, call us today to give you a consultation on rug and carpet backing.

Double hand-knotting

As the months go by after you buy a delicate rug, over normal wear and tear and normal use of rugs(very rare), the knotting of the rug may unravel from the fringed area and the knottings will start to loosen from their original tight and fixed positionings.

*Well you might ask what’s the solution then?

Double hand knotting is the solution!
By using wool silk and cotton depending on the situation.

In this process, our artisans use their high professional hand-knotting skills and by using quality strings and original materials, they double hand knot those areas, this pushes back the loose knots into place and prevents them from loosening again and moving from their original spots.

Rug repairing is one of the most unique skills every rug cleaning store must have.Rug repairing needs years of experience to be mastered. Most of the times, a rug might need a repair before it gets ready to be sent to our rug cleaning department. Here are a few of these rug repairing skills

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